We're Different

Because of You.

This is not a “Yay us!” website.

Well, not completely, anyway.

This is more of a “Yay you!” website because we exist for you. We exist to get things built for you that matter to you, that make your business more efficient, more admired and hopefully more successful.

We’re a woman-owned construction management and consulting services company, which means we offer a perspective and some insights beyond the usual. We’re transparent, experienced and extraordinarily collaborative. So you’ll always know what we think, and we always want to know what you think.

We think that makes a difference.

We do all this because of you

We provide construction management and general contracting services along with construction administration, owner’s representative services and subcontractor consulting services. Our experience runs long and deep, managing complex, multi-million-dollar projects in many sectors including residential, retail, sports entertainment and historical renovation real estate.

And it’s all done to make your life easier, to make your bottom line shinier and to make your clients happier.

To be frank, in our industry at first glance we all seem to make the same claims, the same commitments, the same guarantees, the same promises.

The real question is…who keeps them?

That’s why we should talk soon.

Construction Management / General Contracting

You’re busy. Really busy. So we’ll manage your entire construction project and serve as the construction manager that identifies, hires and manages the appropriate subcontractors at a price that manages to keep all parties happy.

This could include:

  • Pre-construction services
  • General construction management
  • Scheduling
  • Billing
  • Subcontractor management
  • Change order management
  • Cost engineering
  • Project close-out

We want what you want… a seamless construction process from beginning to end with no griping, sniping and without the long litany of complaints that often infects construction projects.

Our goal is to do what virtually no other construction-related company does, give contingency and buyout back on every job.

Construction consulting services

Our aim is to work so well with you that you think of us as a partner rather than an expense line-item. Corny as it might sound, we believe in teamwork, we believe in collegiality and not in contentiousness. We choose to operate at a higher, more professional level that enables you to feel trust and as if you have an ally. We think of ourselves as construction diplomats playing the role of liaison between you and all related parties. We look out for you by looking out for the good of the project.
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A Little Bit

About us

At the Kendall Building Group we start with a simple premise:

If all other construction companies zig…dont zag.

Zig better.

Thats how weve grown our business, and our reputation. We zig really well. Why? Because we work with two very special pieces of technology that our competitors dont always know how to use well; theyre called ears.

We listen to you. To our clients. To progress. So that we avoid surprises, overruns and conflicts as much is humanly possible.

Best of all, well work with you in a manner that, well, works for you. Need us for multiple services, as a fractional project manager, on a per-project basis or on a retainer basis? Were as flexible as a Gold Medal gymnast.

Emily L. Kendall

Partner and President

Emily is a different kind of construction services company president.

For one thing, her name is Emily. Not Mike or Chuck. She’s a she.

And you don’t become the female president in this business without a certain amount of moxie, brainpower, skill, toughness and also an innate ability to relate to people and their concerns.

Emily is a graduate from Furman University with degrees in Business Administration and Spanish. She is a highly experienced marketing and sales pro with a twenty year career focused on high-growth companies. She spent over ten years of her career in commercial real estate and used all that knowledge and expertise to found Kendall Building Group. She chose this field because it gave her the opportunity to use her skills in a manner that results in a tangible benefit to neighborhoods, communities and businesses. She understands the importance of planning, of process and of treating every dollar as if it’s her own. She’s been doing that her entire career.

Emily works in an industry that is not for the feint-hearted, yet she conducts her business with a big heart and a track record of success.

Mark Kendall

Founding Partner, Operations Manager

Mark Kendall is a proud graduate of the University of Florida and is equally proud of his degree in architecture. He knows and loves construction. He knows the ins, the outs, the pitfalls, the pressures and the excitement of the business because he’s seen a lot. He’s delivered over $375,000,000 of projects in all types of construction including multi-family and single-family homes, healthcare, higher education and historical renovation. Notable projects include the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Goodson Law Library at Duke University, and Union Hall. He’s a LEED Accredited Professional responsible for project management, construction and field operations, safety and accounting.

Owners Representative

You’re not a GC. We are. So we have in-depth knowledge concerning all the dos and don’ts. And once hired, we are unwavering in our effort to serve your best interests as your rep. We will be there every step of the way, being your champion to build that project the way you expect.

This could include:

  • Project feasibility
  • Conducting coordination meetings
  • Hiring the right project team (architect, engineers, contractors, consultants)
  • Developing the right scope of work
  • Finding, contracting and managing the right general contractor throughout the process

Construction Administration

We offer these services to owners, architects and subcontractors so that your project runs effectively, efficiently and with all eyes on quality.

This could include:

  • Attending project coordination meetings
  • Reviewing subcontractor submittals
  • Punch list preparation and / or review
  • Site visits
  • Reviewing construction status throughout the process ensuring compliance with goals
  • Facilitate close-out documents
  • Pay application review and processing

Subcontractor Services

Subcontractors are a huge asset as you are the expert in your particular trade. We’re fans. But sometimes back-of-house business operations including paperwork, cost control systems and time management are not always your strong suit.

Kendall Building Group can help. We’re tech savvy, time savvy, cash flow savvy and contract savvy so that your project runs in a manner that’s positive for all parties. We’ll assist with:

  • Business operations
  • Back-office responsibilities
  • Dealing with payment delays
  • Organizing work flows
  • Cash flow management
  • Documentation management
  • Pay application processing